Nixsys Public Access UNIX System

How to Access Nixsys PAUS using SFTP:



Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) allows users to transfer files securely to Nixsys PAUS. Once connected, users have the ability to upload files into their home and / or web directories (folders). Users may upload files to three basic places:

Home space: /home/you/

Storage for e-mail and files not readable by the web server.

Public web space: /home/you/www/ (really /www/usrs/you/www/; linked for convienence.)

Space for files readable by the public and web server.

Private web space: /www/usrs/you/

Location of readable by the web server, but not the public.

replacing "you" with your username, of course. Files can be uploaded to subdirectories of the above directories as well. Additionally, users can create and delete subdirectories using SFTP.

Nixsys PAUS has not, does not, and will never support FTP, only SFTP. In a time when SFTP clients are freely available and almost every web development software package supporting conections to SFTP hosts, there's almost no justification to providing legacy support for FTP (a protocol which transmits account information in the clear).

Several methods exist for connecting via SFTP. The options vary depending on computer architecture and / or operating system (OS). The first section of this page describes the basic parameters needed to initate SFTP connections to Nixsys PAUS. The subsequent sections contain architecture / OS specific instructions and lists of free, recommended SFTP clients. The final section is a summary of this page.

Basic SFTP client configuration

SFTP Connection Parameters Table
Hostname Port Protocol or 22 2 only

From the above table, connections can be made to the domain name, "", or the Internet Protocol (IP) address, "". Since the IP address is subject to change, it is best to connect to "". The IP address may be used if Nixsys PAUS experiences temporary DNS problems.

Make sure the SFTP client connects to on port 22 using only protocol 2. SSH protocol 1 is not supported due to a weak-encryption vulnerability, which makes it easy to comprimise user accounts. Nixsys PAUS supports 4096 bit RSA and DSA SSH keys.

SFTP clients for Windows OSes

SFTP clients table
Software Location Architecture OS Version Details
PSFTP PuTTY Download Page alpha, intel 95, 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP Alpha version runs on NT only.
Core FTP Lite Core FTP intel 95, 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP Ad screen appears with each use.
FileZilla FileZilla Homepage intel 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2K, XP Source code available under GNU GPL.

Using PSFTP:

PSFTP is not a graphical program, but one that's run using typed commands (command line interface). The commands are similar to FTP commands. SFTP command tutorials may be found by searching the Internet.

SFTP clients for Macintosh OSes

SSH clients table
Software Location Architecture OS Version Details
MacSFTP MacSFTP Download macppc, mac68k System 8.1 - OS X + Must purchase serial number after 15 days. May need Stuffit Expander.
Terminal /Applications/Utilities/Terminal macppc OS X + Standard with Mac OS X +.
Fugu Research Systems Unix Group macppc OS X 10.2.3 + Source code available under BSD-style license.

Using Terminal:

  1. Upon locating Terminal, consider dragging its icon into your taskbar. After opening Terminal, you will see a prompt similar to:[yourbox]:you%
  2. At the prompt, type: "sftp", replacing "you" with your username, of course.
  3. Proceed to login with your username and password.

SFTP clients for *nix and *nix-like OSes

SFTP clients come standard with versions of AIX, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, OS X, and other UNIX and UNIX-like OSes. If you're running one of these systems, type: "sftp" in your terminal. Replace "you" with your username, of course.


Additional Notes

Nixsys PAUS is not affiliated with the authors of any of these programs. Those programs recommended are only those which have been tested. If any users have tested other SFTP clients with Nixsys PAUS or other hosts, please contact the administrator of Nixsys PAUS with details of these tests. Nixsys PAUS is always open to any suggestions.

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