Nixsys Public Access UNIX System


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this document before emailing the administrator or making any assumptions about Nixsys PAUS.


Q.: What basic resources does Nixsys PAUS provide?

A.: Nixsys PAUS provides its users with electronic mail (e-mail) addresses, world-wide web space, space to store files, shell access, and database management system (DBMS) resources.

Q.: How much space do users get?

A.: Users have a maximum quota of one hundred (100) Megabytes (MB). This is divided into fifty (50) MB for e-mail and file storage and 50 MB for web space.

Q.: Please describe the flexibility of your quota system.

A.: All filesystem quotas are hard limits. There are no soft limits or grace periods. That means once you've reached your quota, you can't store any files until you remove some of the existing. However, some users find, for example, they need more web space than e-mail space. Users have the privilege to dictate how much space is allotted within the two (2) quota categories of e-mail/storage and web, as long as the total between the two is no more than 100 MB. To adjust a quota, the user simply send an e-mail to the administrator requesting the quota be modified to the new values and the changes happen once the e-mail is read.

Q.: What is a shell and what would I do with one?

A.: A shell is a command interpreter with its own set of built-in commands and access to programs which are part of the operating system. Using the shell can make work easier and much more efficient, provided one takes the time to learn its use.

For example, say you collected a set of images for use on a website, but have no graphic design programs on your local computer to manipulate them. Those images could be uploaded to Nixsys PAUS and manipulated with programs on the server using a shell's command line interface (CLI). You could convert those images from one format to another, scale them down, etc. Many things are possible with the more than one thousand (1000) supported third party programs found on Nixsys PAUS.

Q.: What is the cost of these accesing these resources?

A.: Users were never, are not, and will never be charged for basic usage of Nixsys PAUS.

Q.: Why is there no charge for accessing these resources?

A.: One of the reasons fueling the creation of Nixsys PAUS stemmed from a desire to provide resources free to those who could not afford them otherwise. This supplies activists, artists, hobbyists, and small business owners with a place to host a website, communicate via e-mail, and store files in a secure manner without a monthly fee. Nixsys PAUS supports a non-commercialized internet.

Q.: Do users have access to other options and / or more than 100 MB of space?

Because of the limited resources of this system, access to certain utilites which induce a greater load is restricted. However, if users need these utilities and / or more e-mail / storage and / or web space, they are encouraged to make a gift to Nixsys PAUS. Gifts allow users to have higher quotas, access to compilers, outbound connections, and many more options. They also ensure that this system will continue to grow, serve more users, and provide a more resources.

Q.: What if a user needs access to other options and / or more space, but is financially unable to make a gift?

No user has ever been denied access to the resources needed due to financial shortcomings. This system aims to support users as best as possible, regardless of their financial situations.

Q.: Who is allowed to use this system?

People who genuinely need access to the resources this system provides. The administration reserves the right to deny access to anyone for reasons deemed appropriate by the administration. Users are bound to the policies which govern the operation of Nixsys PAUS. The administration does not discriminate on the basis of ability, age, color, ethnic origin, gender, national origin, political affiliation, race, sex, sexual orientation, size, or social class.

Q.: How do I can an account?

Send an e-mail to the administration, admin -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org, with the desired username (eight (8) characters or less), a temporary password that can be remembered until you login to change it, and the reason(s) for wanting to use this system.

Q.: What were some other purposes behind the creation of Nixsys PAUS?
A.: Just a few reasons:
  • To offer more configurable webhosting services than any other webhosting service available.
  • To enable artists, designers, programmers, and any other person to broadcast their messages to the entire world.
  • To provide e-mail, web, file storage, and shell services in a secure manner.

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