Nixsys Public Access UNIX System


BSD mail utility with MIME extensions



Nail is based on Berkeley Mail 8.1 and said to be an intelligent mail processing system. On Nixsys PAUS, instead of reading mail from a mail spool file, Nail connects to the Secure IMAP server locally and then reads mail. This requires users to input their passwords in order to access the mail folders. Currently, spell checking, using PGP / GPG functions, and DSN are not possible.

Connecting with Nail

To read mail with Nail, enter the following command:
you@nixsyspaus% nail -f nixsyspaus
Enter your password at the prompt to access your mail folders.

Customized Headers

Customizing the headers in Nail allows users to send mail from Nixsys PAUS, but not allow people to discern the e-mail address as easily. This is useful if users have other e-mail accounts they wish the outside world to send mail. Users may configure the "From: " header to be anything. However, some unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE; better known as "SPAM") restrictions on some mail servers prohibit the delivery of mail from invalid or non-existent domains. Keep this in mind when customizing the headers in Nail.

To change the "From: " header, add this line:
set from="you@otherdomain.tld"
to the ~/.mailrc file. Now, when mail is sent, others will see "From: you@otherdomain.blah" in the From: header instead of

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