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IncrediMail / Mozilla Mail / Thunderbird:



IncrediMail, Mozilla Mail, and Thunderbird are free MUAs providing many of the same features as other mail clients in addition to their own sets of rich extensions. For some reason, on the Windows XP platform, TLS support seems to be broken in Mozilla and Thunderbird, so this example uses SSL for connection security.

Secure IMAP Configuration

  1. Account Wizard - New Account Setup

    Open IncrediMail / Mozilla Mail / Thunderbird. Click on the "File" menu, scroll down to "New", and select "Account...". Select the "Email account" radio button and click "Next".

  2. Account Wizard - Identity

    Enter your name into the "Your Name:" text field and your Nixsys PAUS e-mail into the "Email Address:" text field. Press the "Next" button.

  3. Account Wizard - Server

    Select the IMAP radio button and enter "" into the "Incoming Server:" text field. Click "Next" when ready.

  4. Account Wizard - User Names

    Enter your Nixsys PAUS username into the "Incoming User Name:" text field and press the "Next" button.

  5. Account Wizard - Account Name

    Enter "Nixsys PAUS" into the "Account Name:" text field and select the "Next" button when done.

  6. Account Wizard - Congratulations!

    Verify the settings are correct and click "Finish" to save the new settings.

  7. Account Settings - Server

    Click on the "Tools" menu and scroll to "Account Settings...". Select "Nixsys PAUS" and make sure the menu tree is open. Select "Server Settings" in the menu tree. In the "Server Settings" section, check the "Use secure connection (SSL)" check box.

  8. Account Settings - Composition and

    Under the "Composition and Addressing" menu tree, please uncheck the "Compose messages in HTML format" checkbox. Sending and receiving e-mail in HTML format is more costly for users who pay per kilobyte for Internet services.

  9. Account Settings - Outgoing Server
(SMTP) Settings

    In the "Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings menu tree, make sure the value of the "Port" text field is "465", the "Use name and password" checkbox is checked, and the "SSL" radio button is selected. Click the "OK" button when finished.


Secure POP3 Configuration

  1. Repeat Steps One and Two of the above Secure IMAP Configuration example.

  2. Account Settings - Server

    Select the POP3 radio button and enter "" into the "Incoming Server:" text field. Uncheck the "Use Global Inbox (store mail in Local Folders)" checkbox, unless that feature is desired. Click "Next" when ready.

  3. Repeat Steps Four through Nine of the above Secure IMAP Configuration example.

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