Nixsys Public Access UNIX System

Privacy Policy for Nixsys PAUS Users:


Privacy is a serious issue and concern for many users and potential users. Those who use this system should never worry about their e-mail being read, data harvested and sold to advertisers, and / or social networks being mapped. Therefore, the administration will only cooperate with any law enforcement agency intending to investigate the activities of its user(s) or systems when it is mandated by a court of law.

There is only one administrator and the only time you will be asked for a password is when you request an account. Posing as an administrator is a federal offense.

Your e-mail, home files, and private web files will never be accessed by anyone aside from you, unless:

  1. the system's default shell configuration files were modified to reflect changes in applications, files were added, or to offer a more seamless integration among applications. You have the option to request that the administrator NOT modify or add files. If this is desired, send an e-mail to the administrator. After doing so, you assume full responsibility for the modification of all your files to interoperate with the new functions of Nixsys PAUS.
  2. you designate those directories readable by the public.

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