Nixsys Public Access UNIX System

Contact Information for Nixsys PAUS:

E-mail addresses

Abuse: abuse -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org

Report any abuse of Nixsys PAUS.

Administration: admin -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org

Request an account, adjust your quotas, request database access, and help.

DNS: hostmaster -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org

Any inquiries in relation to the DNS provided by Nixsys PAUS.

Network: noc -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org

Report network infrastructure difficulties.

Postmaster: postmaster -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org

Handles problems in regard to the mail system at Nixsys PAUS.

Security: security -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org

Concerns, issues, and/or questions related to security at Nixsys PAUS.

Webmaster: webmaster -AT- nixsyspaus -DOT- org

Queries concerning the website of Nixsys PAUS, the web and secure web servers, and/or webhosting services.

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