Nixsys Public Access UNIX System


The Administration of Nixsys PAUS wishes to express its extreme gratitude to the groups below. Without these people, Nixsys PAUS would not exist today. From past to present:

Users of Nixsys PAUS

Some of these people have been with Nixsys PAUS from the beginning. Others have joined along the way. Each user brings something special to the system, changes it a bit, and contiues to evolve its operating procedures and general direction. Users of this system have contributed to the initial design of the website, suggested new services, contributed software, and promoted this system. Without the support, help, and kindness from the users, this system wouldn't be what it is today.

Quantum Wave Enterprises

Quantum Wave was the first colocation service provider for this system. Before contracting their services, the server resided in a hot and dusty room with an extremely slow link to the internet. The administration of this system had always been at odds with the administration governing the use of that facility. When those goons finally found a way to terminate our services, Quantum Wave saved this system from extinction. Quantum Wave provides web hosting, aesthetically pleasing web design, and wireless internet services. Please visit their site, Quantum Wave Internet Services, to discover the incredible options they provide.

Waveform Technology, LLC

Waveform currently provides colocation services for this system. From the beginning, they have been generous, very flexible, and always extremely supportive. Our appreciation cannot be expressed in words. Waveform Technology provides the best colocation services in southern Michigan. Please visit their site, Waveform Technology - Michigan Colocation Services, to learn more about the excellent services they provide. Most of the users and the entire administration of Nixsys PAUS are looking forward to a long stay at Waveform. UPDATE: Waveform rolled out a website dedicated soley to their colocation services. Check out Datacenter Colocation by Waveform Technology.

Seacoast Digital Computers, Inc.

Seacoast Digital Computers is the largest stocking dealer of computer cabling for DEC, HP, and Compaq. The folks at this company are extremely generous and the administration here anticipates a long lasting relationship with them. Please, behold the amazing specials on not only cabling, but also many difficult-to-find parts for retired systems at their website, Seacoast Digital Computers.

Puget Sound Data Systems

PSDS truly is a company unlike any other. The team at PSDS gave much time listening to our needs, offering suggestions, and delivering these magnificent solutions. PSDS has given Nixsys PAUS so much and asked so little in return. Their generosity has allowed this system to realize its dreams of sustainability. An image is integrated into the template of this site as tribute to everything they've done for us. More information about this fantastic group is available:

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