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Since it was decided to publish documentation on the resources here, the information site for Nixsys PAUS has always been under construction and most likely will continue to be a work in progress for awhile. Every time this site seems close to being done, more tasks appear. If there's any information not found on this website, please e-mail the webmaster and request that information be published. Any suggestions / questions / comments / feedback regarding this website are much appreciated. With your help (or not), it shall be completed soon...hopefully. Thank you for your patience. It's not like there's another choice.

Additional Information

This system is not a commercial entity and does not solicit donations. We provide resources free of charge to advance individuals and collectives. Most of those using this system actually care about it. Anyone who does not agree with what this system represents is advised to seek other avenues for goal realization.

What Some Users Say about This System and Its Resources

It is very educational for those of us that use it. ...those of us that use it appreciate the idea that information should not be pinned in by the thoughts of small minded managers and the capabilities presented by your UNIX box are far beyond those available to anyone using cooped software... (the thing is it's free)...
...and yes your system does kick ass. It's definitely good stuff.
I am begining to appreciate BSD more. ... It definitely feels like Linux is one massive cluster fuck doing circles.
I still don't get using [an application server]. Just looking at speed, PINE is head and above and available everywhere.
I am quite surprised that [a college] doesn't do more open source. It seems like that sort of thing would do more to support freedom than any of the bitching on campus.

- Nosida


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