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How to Access Nixsys PAUS using the SSH protocol:



The Secure Shell (SSH) protocol allows users to securely connect to Nixsys PAUS using a SSH terminal. Once connected, users have a command line interface (CLI) on the server which may be used to access e-mail, the world-wide web, system binaries (NetBSD binaries: /bin, /usr/bin; NetBSD pkgsrc binaries: /usr/pkg/bin; and user contributed software: /usr/local/bin) and personal, public, and some system files.

Many options exist for connecting via SSH. The options vary depending on computer architecture, operating system (OS), and / or versions of installed software. The first section of this page describes the basic parameters needed to initate SSH connections to Nixsys PAUS. The subsequent sections contain architecture / OS specific instructions and lists of free, recommended SSH clients. The final section is a summary of this page.

Basic SSH client configuration

SSH Connection Parameters Table
Hostname Port Protocol or 22 2 only

From the above table, connections can be made to the domain name, "", or the Internet Protocol (IP) address, "". Since the IP address is subject to change, it is best to connect to "". The IP address may be used if Nixsys PAUS experiences temporary DNS problems.

Make sure the SSH client connects to on port 22 using only protocol 2. SSH protocol 1 is not supported due to a weak-encryption vulnerability, which makes it easy to comprimise user accounts. Nixsys PAUS supports 4096 bit RSA and DSA SSH keys.


MindTerm is an SSH terminal written in Java, which can be accessed through a web browser. MindTerm works with some versions of Java on some OSes on some architectures. Your mileage may vary. Nixsys PAUS makes no guarantees or warranties concerning the functionality of MindTerm.

MindTerm comes in very handy when the computer you're using doesn't let you download any SSH clients. To use MindTerm as an SSH client, click the "Secure Shell" link in the navigation bar at the top of the page. You may also connect to MindTerm by typing into the location bar of your web browser.

After downloading the applet, you web browser will prompt for confirmation to load MindTerm. Once given permission, the applet will load and connect to Nixsys PAUS. Enter "" as the hostname and / or alias. Prompts will appear for username and password respectively. After all information is entered, the applet will perform all functions of an SSH terminal plus some MindTerm enhancements.

Some limitations follow with the use of MindTerm. Nixsys PAUS uses an unsigned, limited commercial copy of MindTerm. Since the applet is not digitally signed by the authors of MindTerm:

  1. You cannot initate an SSH connection to any other host except using the MindTerm applet found on this website.
  2. File transfers using secure copy (SCP) and / or secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) are not possible.

Remember these limitations when working with MindTerm. If anyone is interested in donating the funds for Nixsys PAUS to purchase its own digitally signed copy of MindTerm from the authors, please e-mail the administrator: admin -AT- nixsys -DOT- bz.

SSH clients for Windows OSes

SSH clients table
Software Location Architecture OS Version Details
PuTTY PuTTY Download Page alpha, intel 95, 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP Alpha version runs on NT only.

Using PuTTY:

  1. Upon opening PuTTY, in the "Session" branch of the category tree, under the field "Basic options for your PuTTY session", you will see a box that says "Host Name". Put or in that box, and select the SSH button. You may also enter "Nixsys PAUS" in the Session Name box and click the Save button to save the session. Doing so allows you to simply double click the field "Nixsys PAUS" under "Saved Sessions" to open an SSH connection to Nixsys PAUS.
  2. In the category tree, select "SSH". Select "2 only" in Preferred SSH version. You can open a connection to nixsys by clicking the Load button in the "Session" branch of the category tree. Procede to login with your username and password.
  3. To change your password, enter the "passwd" command and follow the interactive prompt.

SSH clients for Macintosh OSes

SSH clients table
Software Location Architecture OS Version Details
MacSSH MacSSH Download macppc, mac68k System 7.5.1 - OS X + May need Stuffit Expander.
Terminal /Applications/Utilities/Terminal macppc OS X + Standard with Mac OS X +.

Using Terminal:

  1. Upon locating Terminal, consider dragging its icon into your taskbar. After opening Terminal, you will see a prompt similar to:[yourbox]:you%
  2. At the prompt, type: "ssh", replacing "you" with your username, of course.
  3. Proceed to login with your username and password.
  4. To change your password, enter the "passwd" command and follow the interactive prompt.

SSH clients for *nix and *nix-like OSes

SSH clients come standard with versions of AIX, FreeBSD, Linux, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris, OS X, and other UNIX and UNIX-like OSes. If you're running one of these systems, type: "ssh" in your terminal. Replace "you" with your username, of course.


Additional Notes

Nixsys PAUS is not affiliated with the authors of any of these programs. Those programs recommended are only those which have been tested. If any users have tested other SSH clients with Nixsys PAUS or other hosts, please contact the administrator of Nixsys PAUS with details of these tests. Nixsys PAUS is always open to any suggestions.

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