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Mozilla Mail / Thunderbird:



Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird are free MUAs providing many of the same features as other mail clients in addition to their own sets of rich extensions. On the NetBSD platform, TLS support seems to work fine in Mozilla Mail and Thunderbird.

Secure IMAP Configuration

  1. Repeat Steps One through Eight of the IncrediMail / Mozilla Mail / Thunderbird Secure IMAP Configuration Configuration for Windows OSes.

  2. Account Settings - Outgoing Server
(SMTP) Settings

    In the "Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings menu tree, make sure the value of the "Port" text field is "25", the "Use name and password" checkbox is checked, and the "TLS" radio button is selected. Click the "OK" button when finished.


Secure POP3 Configuration

  1. Repeat Steps One and Two of the above Secure IMAP Configuration example.

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