Nixsys Public Access UNIX System


Acceptable Use Policy

Users of Nixsys Public Access UNIX System, herein referred to as Nixsys PAUS, are bound to the terms and requirements of this document upon accessing the resources Nixsys PAUS provides. The administration of Nixsys PAUS reserves the right to deny access to anyone for reasons deemed appropriate by the administration. A user's activities may not interfere with users of any system. Users who violate this policy will have their account removed. Unsolicited commercial e-mail (a.k.a. "spam") is forbidden, and doing so entails account termination.

User accounts never expire. However, accounts are only guaranteed as long as the system is still functioning. Accounts are non-transferable, unless warranted by a final will and testiment. All users of Nixsys PAUS are invited to perform security audits of the system as long as:

The logs are read often and any fraud or dishonesty will result in immediate account removal.

Users are also not permitted to distribute copyrighted materials without the expressed written consent of the copyright holder(s). Users should obtain this consent prior to uploading material. Those who violate this policy will:

  1. be asked to obtain the permission to reproduce and / or distribute the materials in question from the copyright holder(s). Users have fifteen (15) business days after receiving the notification to contact the responsible parties. This does not require the parties to have responded within that time frame, only that they have been contacted.
  2. have their account(s) suspended for not contacting the copyright holder(s) or those representing them within 15 business days after receiving the notification. The account will be accessible again when the respective parties have been notified.
  3. have the material in question considered permissible (unless otherwise specified by the copyright holder(s)) if the copyright holder(s) or those representing them have not responded within 15 business days of receiving the notification from the user.
  4. considered bound to the terms requested by the copyright holder(s) or those representing them regarding the reproduction and / or distribution of their copyright material. If a user is requested to cease the distribution of copyrighted material by copyright holder(s) or those representing them, the user must comply with this request. Users who disregard the request will have their accounts removed.

In addition to the provision of resources, Nixsys PAUS is a research and development environment for The NetBSD Packages Collection (pkgsrc). Many advancements are made through the testing done on Nixsys PAUS and users are directly involved with testing and troubleshooting of these packages. Therefore, resources provided on the system are subject to unannounced inaccessibility. The system may also be rebooted unexpectedly.

Nixsys PAUS does not ensure the delivery of mail nor claims responsibility for rejecting mail that fails to meet the UCE restrictions on the server. Nixsys PAUS does not guarantee total system security. In the event of the comprimise of a user's account, the account will be temporarily disabled, until the situation has been resolved. System data is backed up on hard disk, however, no claim is made to the reliability of any data at any time.

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